sabato, settembre 30, 2006

Ugandan rebels rejoin peace talks a day after walkout

Saturday 30 September 2006.Sept 29, 2006 (GULU, Uganda) — Ugandan rebels have rejoined peacetalks aimed at ending a brutal 19-year conflict in which thousands ofcivilians have died - just one day after walking out.The Lords Resistance Army said they would resume talks with thegovernment after independent monitors began probing accusations thatthe Ugandan army were surrounding camps where the rebels weregathering under the truce.Both sides have traded accusations of violations of a truce signedlast month which many hope will bring an end to one of Africa'slongest wars."The peace talks are on course and we hope that we will come out witha solution," said Martin Ojul, head of the rebel team negotiating apeace deal with the government.The talks will resume later Friday.Wednesday, the Ugandan army accused rebels of violating theincreasingly fragile truce by leaving neutral assembly points.The cease-fire calls for rebel fighters to gather at two assemblypoints in largely uninhabited areas across the border in southernSudan, where they will be protected and monitored while a broaderpeace deal is negotiated.The rebels denied they had quit the camps.The LRA is notorious for cutting off the tongues and lips ofcivilians, enslaving thousands of children and driving nearly 2million people from their homes.(AP/ST)

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